You Scratch My Back And I’ll Rub Yours

 Thank you for allowing me to be part of a healthier you.

To show my appreciation, I wanted to share my special rewards program with you.  It’s really easy.  Just click on this link to download and print your referral cards, fill out your name and e-mail address, and give them away!

When a new client gives the card back to me after their massage, you will receive an email coupon good for $10 off your next session.

   • Offer valid on sessions of 60 minutes or more.

   • The person referred must be a new client for me.

   • They must show the card upon completion of their session.

    • Printed or e-copy of the $10 off e-coupon required.

   • Each e-coupon is valid for 90 days after sent date.

   • 2 Referral Rewards maximum applied per session.

It really is that simple – You scratch my back and I’ll rub yours!

Thanks For Being Born

There’s only one you, so let’s celebrate with a 10% discount!

The good news is you’ve already qualified.  All you have to do now is get a massage the week of your birthday.  Just note that it’s your birthday week when you book the appointment and I’ll take care of the rest.

The world wouldn’t be the same without you. so thanks for being born!

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